Monday, June 30, 2003

Today has been a day of maintenance. I got the oil changed on my truck and a fresh haircut (not at the same place, although that would be interesting). I'm getting ready to leave in the morning. This will be my "summer vacation" of sorts. My friend Aaron is getting married in Arkadelphia on Thursday and I have to be there tomorrow for his bachelor party and on Wednesday for the rehersal. I'm really looking forward to getting out of town for awhile. I'll probably spend quite a bit of time in Little Rock since there isn't much to do in Arkado. I haven't really hung out in Little Rock in years. It should be interesting.

I spent this weekend mostly at the lake. My friend Jason lives in a house on Beaver Lake with a path that leads down to a dock where we can swim and go fishing. It was nice to get out in the sun a little. I swam so long yesterday that my skin started getting wrinkles. We had a very serious and strategic water gun battle around the dock that led to Jason getting injured by his own gun. This is nothing out of the ordinary for Jason. Thank god it wasn't a real gun. We then cooked some hot dogs over the fire, chilled out on the deck, and had some interesting conversations. Good times.

This will probably be my last post for a few days, at least until after the 4th. Sorry it was a boring one. To make up for this, I will leave you with a joke that will hopefully get the blood flowing a little more than the rest of this crap did.

Q: What did the constipated mathematician do?

A: He worked it out with a pencil.

You're welcome.

Friday, June 27, 2003

God bless the slogan generator.

I'm totally copying from Lori, and I'm sure many others, but I just had to show everyone some of the slogans this thing spit out! These are hilarious!

Some of these make so much sense, it is almost creepy.

For my pal PR43...

1. Because Rusk Can't Drive.
2. The Non-Sticky Sticky Rusk.
3. You'll Never Put A Better Bit Of Rusk On Your Knife.
4. Rusk Makes Everything Better.
5. You Like Rusk. Rusk Likes You.
6. Feel the Rusk.

For Posey...

1. Life's Pretty Straight Without Posey.
2. Nothing Works Better Than a Posey.
3. Posey Comes to Those Who Wait.
4. Get Posey or Get Out.
5. Marvin the Mountie Always Gets His Posey.
6. If Only Everything in Life was as Reliable as a Posey.
7. Go Crack a Posey.
8. Mama's got the Magic of Posey.

And finally, for Ye...

1. Wait Till We Get Our Ye On You.
2. Only Ye Can Prevent Forest Fires.
3. Washing Machines Live Longer With Ye.
4. Happiness is a Cigar Called Ye.
5. We Don't Make Ye. We Make Ye Better.
6. Ye is so Bracing.
7. It's a Beautiful Ye.
8. Top Breeders Recommend Ye.
9. Spreads Straight from the Ye.

Oh, boy! Now that's entertainment!

Thursday, June 26, 2003

I really don't have much to say today. It could become a bad habit to start a post that way, but I honestly don't have much to say. It is Thursday again. I woke up, did some stuff, and yeah...that's about it. Penguin Ed's was good at lunch. It isn't too hot outside today. That's nice. Hmmm... Oh, yeah. There was this one thing.

While reading the scribble on the chalkboard at Penguin Ed's, I noticed that my ex-girlfriend had written her name and the name of her new boyfriend (the one with a country singer first name) on it with a plus sign between the two. It looked just like what I wrote on the wall under Juliet's balcony when I was in Italy, except I wrote my name and not a country singer's name. I'm not talking about this because it bothered me, but because I thought it was amusing. I wrote our names on the stone wall under Juliet's balcony. She wrote their names on a chalkboard in a local barbeque joint. This probably makes quite a bit more sense to me than it does to anyone else, but I didn't have anything else to talk about, ok?

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

THE NINES. (see post from Wednesday, June 18, 2003 for previous nines)

a few more things about me...if anyone cares.

What I'm enjoying...

1. the Vegas-style flickering lights of the cable modem and router at night
2. people who let me borrow things that I can't always afford
3. afternoons spent indoors with the blinds closed and the air conditioner on
4. people who use excessive amounts of curse words in every sentence
5. the tingling sensation I get when the barber uses the electric clippers on the back of my neck
6. the sound of someone singing out loud in another room because they think nobody can hear them
7. a nice jog around the park at night
8. the thought of not having to start classes again in the fall (or ever again, for that matter)
9. the night breezes that blow the smell of the potpourri and candle factories through the city

What I'm not enjoying...

1. the cat waking me up 5 minutes before my alarm goes off
2. people who are extremely critical of other people that they don't even know
3. a near heat stroke every time I step outside
4. people who make it their hobby to correct my spelling and grammer
5. facial hair (why haven't we evolved past this yet?)
6. the sound of someone intentionally talking loud enough for everyone in the restaurant/bar to hear them
7. people who think the jogging trail at the park is a fashion show runway
8. not knowing exactly where I'm going to work after this summer
9. when the wind changes direction and the smell of chicken being processed blows through the city

What I'm reading...

1. websites on how to pour concrete countertops
2. Architectural Record
3. The Hipster Handbook, by Robert Lanham
4. description columns for products in the Design Within Reach catalog
5. Culture Lab, by Brian Boigon (for the 3rd time...and i still don't get it)
6. other people's blogs
7. the playlist on KXUA's website
8. Maxim Magazine
9. the writings of Steven Holl on residential design

What I'm thinking...

1. "Why doesn't anyone make running shoes with black soles anymore?"
2. "I'm not going to make it through Flashdance tonight."
3. "That's just too much effort for one day."
4. "I sure do like cows."
5. "I should really take the trash out tonight."
6. "____ looks ridiculous in that hat. I wish it were socially acceptable for me to slap it off of his head."
7. "If Elvis is the King of Rock 'N Roll and Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, what can I be the king of?"
8. "Why am I the only person who hates monkeys?"
9. "If eternal life exists somewhere, I want to be in charge of the music when I get there."

Check this out! Punk Rock Aerobics. Read the mission statement! Aaaahhh, these guys make me so happy.

Monday, June 23, 2003

Mondays suck. This one only sucked half the day though. As a friend and I were on our way to have a nice little lunch break, I was fortunate enough to receive the gift of a beautiful 6 inch bolt in my rear passenger side tire. Luckily, I made it to the tire shop before all the air leaked out, or worse the tire exploded. This bolt was a real work of art, let me tell ya! Similar to the hooked end of a metal coat hanger, if the hanger were a quarter of an inch thicker. Nice. If I could find the guy who let it fall out of the back of his work truck, or whatever happened, I'd slap him in the teeth (and that hurts). On the up side of my day, I learned how to clad a house in corrugated metal. That was a definite plus. It may have even caused me to be one step closer to having a good job by the end of the summer. It sure was hot outside today though! As Posey says, "swamp-ass and fever-balls, man." I would say it was probably one of the hottest days so far. Oh, well...sweating is good for you. It helps flush toxins from the body. Good thing, because I think I've got quite a few of them.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Burgers, beer, and live music...did someone say cookout? Let's not lie to ourselves. Eating red meat and drinking beer while the sun's still up makes you feel like a man. If you're a woman, well I guess this could lead to some complex feelings, but that's not the point I'm trying to make. I enjoyed my afternoon/evening at JR's. The burger's were flavorful, the beer was cold, the music was rockin, and there were good conversations all around. Oh yeah, and did I mention the music was rockin (two devil fingers high in the air)? It was good to hear Sara Thomas' voice again. That was definitely a comforting sound. Once the Reverend Deadeye took the stage though, the mood quickly changed. Man, that guy rocks my world! I have been reborn (well, not exactly)! That beautiful sermon convinced me that I'm nothing but a goddamn sinner, I'm goin' to hell, and so are all my friends. Wow. I think I'm ok with that, actually. The Reverend's little skeleton on his drum that kicked his leg to the beat of every song...that stole the show for me. I think I need one of those little guys on my shoulder all day to help me keep rhythm. Do you think people would be distracted by him in conversations with me? I don't know, anyway...Heads Are Heavy followed up the Reverend with a great show as usual. I never get tired of those guys. Jason must have sold his soul to the devil for a pair of those magic drum sticks (with the glue and glitter to make them nice and sparkly). Good stuff.

"When that bottle moves me get the giggles and shakes, Paster laid his hands on me, I threw up in his face." - Reverend Deadeye

Saturday, June 21, 2003


Lori, I'm sorry I missed your show! No, really!


Friday, June 20, 2003

Oh, man...

The Capsules are playing at JR's on July 10th!

Reese's has come out with dark chocolate AND white chocolate Reese's Cups! In July, they are releasing the Reese's Big Cup. Its one big Reese's Cup per package! In August, they will release the Honey Roasted Reese's Cups, and in September...(drum roll, please)...the inside out version!!! Hooray!

The air conditioner on my vehicle is no longer functioning properly. This is not cool. This is not cool at all. (literally) Summer sucks.

The project I'm currently working on is going to be in the real estate section of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette next week. I'm still not sure if that's a good thing or not.

KXUA's summer kickoff cookout rockout thingy is tomorrow. That Reverend Deadeye is one crazy moe-foe, I'm a tellin' ya right now!

I like wearing shoes. Sometimes, if I'm wearing flip-flops, my feet will start to stink. My feet never stink from wearing real shoes. I don't understa......ok, my laundry is finished.

Watch MTV.

Shop at Wal-Mart.

Drive an SUV.

Eat at McDonalds.

OR Listen to Sharkie.

props, yo

Thursday, June 19, 2003

some times computer errors can be good...

A certain company recently sent me a bill that said I owed them WAY too much. I went to their office today to get this problem taken care of, and as the clerk typed the corrections into the suddenly spit out an even lower balance than I should have owed in the first place! I quickly payed the lower amount before the computer or the clerk changed their mind. Now, normally I'm the type of person that if a store gives me back too much change I will go back in and return it, but seeing as how this certain company charges way too much money for their services in the first place and has the market cornered in this area, yada, yada, yada...I didn't feel bad at all. Hey, the way I see it, the clerk realized it but didn't seem to care too much about correcting it, so I think its just either their fault for having a lousy computer system or for having a careless employee. Ok, I think I've made myself feel better about this now.

I have a question for anyone who might know a thing or two about bamboo. Someone gave me a set of three stalks of bamboo. I've heard that it stands for good luck if there are three of them, but i'm not sure. My question is what does it mean if one of them randomly dies? It just started turning brown the other day. Is that a sign? I mean, it IS a little strange how one of them just decides to dry up and die at an extremely quick pace. Hmmm...

I've just about decided to begin looking for a new place to live and a roommate (since I can't afford any place in town on my own). I'm not sure what Eric's plans are beyond this summer, and I don't think he's too sure himself. I just know that if he decides to move, I'll either need a new roommate, a new place to live, or both. I don't think it could hurt anything for me to start looking for something else now. I really don't like this. I don't like anything about it. I'm not a big fan of moving. I've moved so many times in my life, its pathetic. Isn't it time I settled in one place? Probably so, but it will never happen. I'm not ready to leave Fayetteville yet, but I'm sure I will eventually. The only thing exciting about moving this time is that I will hopefully be able to find a place that allows me to have my dog, Bud (who has been living with my mother for several years now). He's a black miniature schnauzer with only three legs. One of his legs had to be removed after it was broken and wouldn't heal (he has a bone condition). He's the best dog in the world! I miss him so much.

"Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend - or a meaningful day."

- His Holiness, Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama

Wednesday, June 18, 2003


a few things about me...if anyone cares.

What I'm working on...

1. a design/build house for a "financially challenged" family in Fayetteville
2. giving my mother a nervous breakdown
3. my personal website
4. Aaron's wedding music
5. going completely broke
6. my porfolio
7. looking for more work
8. babysitting a bunch of 20 something's with too much responsibility
9. beginning life after college

What I'm listening to...

1. Fruit Bats...Echolocation
2. Calla...Televise
3. Belle and Sebastian...Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant
4. Talib Kweli and Hi Tek...Reflection Eternal
5. Arab Strap...Monday At The Hug And Pint
6. Canyon...Empty Rooms
7. T-Model Ford...Pee Wee Get My Gun
8. The Decemberists...Castaways and Cut-Outs
9. anything on KXUA (and ok, yes...the 80's station)

What I'm watching...

1. Aqua Teen Hunger Force
2. Home Movies
3. Queens of the Stone Age, Go With the Flow video
4. The Daily Show
5. Insomnia
6. Made
7. South Park
8. Old School
9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

What I'm eating...

1. club sandwiches
2. various chicken and pasta recipes
3. poached salmon with tomato basil cream sauce over linguini (email me for the recipe)
4. Natalie's salads
5. the new dark chocolate Reese's cups
6. Ben and Jerry's Phish Food
7. Wendy's 99 cent menu
8. anything free
9. angel food smoothies

What I'm saying...

1. "Hey, man..."
2. "I just don't understand what these people are thinking!"
3. "Get down, Cecil!"
4. "I am going to murder the cat."
5. "Let's just do it ourselves."
6. "Hey, I got my website up! Oh, ok. I already told you about that."
7. "What the hell is my hair doing? Geez."
8. "I'm just kidding, Cecil. You know I love you."
9. "Who is that? Is that Brittany Murphy again? Wow, it is!"

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

The website now actually has some images of my work on it! Hooray for me. Now if I could just settle on a page format for all of it that would be great, but being as picky as I am... Oh, well. At least the bulk of the info is going to be there. Currently I only have a few sets of photography, but eventually I will have quite a few different things including more photography. I also may put a few works up by friends of mine who I find extremely talented, but are being too shy about it. Other than that, I'll just put whatever comes to mind...a bunch of randomness, I guess. I do plan on having a section of photos that are just of friends and stuff. Nothing serious. Just good times.

This morning I visited an architecture firm in Rogers, Arkansas, that I hope to be working for after this summer. I have three friends who enjoy working there, and the atmosphere is nice and casual. It was so casual in fact that the principle of the firm's dog was hanging out in the office with them, sniffing my pant leg like he had never smelled a cat before. There's just something about an office, store or whatever that keeps a dog or cat around. I don't know, it is just very comforting. Anyway, it seemed like a great place to work. I'm actually excited. Yes, me...excited.

Last night, I was fortunate enough to be invited to watch a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie marathon. There are three movies, you know (i thought there were only two). I didn't stay to watch them all, but let me tell you...that Raphael is one sarcastic fellow. If you had to be one of the turtles, which one would you be? I'm torn between Leonardo and Raphael. Oh my gosh! I just realized what I'm talking about. Aw, who cares!?! TMNT Power!

Monday, June 16, 2003

I believe I have just discovered the greatest job that has ever existed.! If I could figure out a way to make a career out of this stuff, oh man. I would get to meet great bands and design incredible temporary works of art that are placed all over the world. These guys are amazing! I especially enjoy the Queens of the Stone Age and the My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult posters. They really went all out on these things.

So right now I'm staying up late working on scanning quite a bit of my photography and other random work to put on my website (props to Posey for use of the CanoScan. you're my hero, ya bastard). I'm hoping to get at least a little sample of it up tonight. Why do this? Why now, after years of never showing any of my work? Well, I've come to the conclusion that much of my inspiration comes from those who have shared their work with me. In return, I feel as though I should provide that same inspiration to others. Even if the immediate response is something like, "wow, that's pathetic. i can do so much better." At least they saw it, and at least it had some sort of effect on them.

It is beginning to get extremely hot outside these days. I'm not a big fan of heat. Never have been. I'm also not a big fan of persperation (unless it is directly caused by working outside or exercising). When someone asks me, "Chris, what's your favorite season?", I usually respond with "Someone, I guess I sort of like them all...except that damn Summer! Ohhh, do I dislike that Summer! If Summer were a person, I'd rather spit on them than talk to them." (I apologize to anyone named Summer who might actually be reading this) Anyway, you get the point. I guess this is all relative to where I am in the Summer. Arkansas is hot and moist (Natalie, I know you're grinding your teeth at that one). Maybe I should migrate. Is that still legal?

Sunday, June 15, 2003 after clicking around through every single menu, button, option, you name it thingy I believe I'm ready to make my first post. Here goes:

I always chuckle a bit when reading through other people's blogs and personal websites, knowing quite well that I'm just jealous of their ability to put themselves out there for all to see and not be ashamed. This is what I must do now. I've put it aside for too long. Wednesday night (and Friday night i guess), I made an interesting new friend (lori, you're a doll) who told me about her blog and other websites. The next day, I found myself curiously wanting to know more about her. I began to realize that this happens often. I meet new people, they tell me the name of their website, and I learn more about them in my own time (an incredible 21st Century approach to socializing, I know). Feeling like I haven't done enough to earn this wonderful, digitally obscured view of my friends, I decided to create my own billboard of sorts. Something to serve as both an outlet for me and a way for others to learn a little about what's behind these eyes (and there ain't too much to see...right on, ben nichols).

I don't have much to say today. This is not unlike any other day. I'm mostly an observer. It is a lazy Sunday and I'm spending it the way I usually do. Turn the TV on something that I haven't the slightest interest in and mute it, tune the stereo to Daniel spinning the afternoon jazz, and fix myself in front of the computer (sitting indian style of course, my feet are always cold). This is where I will most likely remain until I go eat at La Huerta. Mmm...a little taste of Mexico. Ha. Sarah's having a little birthday gathering and I feel obligated to go. I'll have to take it easy on the margaritas, though. I don't want the night to end early. This seems to happen often after a nice dinner at that lovely place. Ah, good times. Wow, I'm hungry. Yes, waiter...I'll have the largest plate of random selections from the menu. Thank you so much.

Well, that's about all I can handle of this blog thing. I don't want to O.D. on it just yet. If anyone is actually reading this and wants to see a scary website, check this out: Yikes! I pee pee's my pants's.