Thursday, July 31, 2003

rock n roll...

Ok, I have no idea what went wrong with my comment generator, but I have now officially switched to Haloscan. It's much easier to use and seems to be pretty stable on other blogs. I lost all of my old comments, but no big deal. Comment button is working now! Rock 'n Roll.

Magic Magicians are playing at JR's tonight. Should be a good show. I'm broke, so I may or may not be there. We shall see about that.

Lots of things are happening on my website. I've gone flash crazy, but I'm trying to keep it under control. I did do a little cartoon. I think it's funny. It's a little crazy, but everyone that has seen it so far has had at least a little chuckle if not a doubled over in pain, red-faced, knee-slapping good laugh. It's on the "misc." page of my site. Check it out!

Monday, July 28, 2003

want to leave a comment? think again...

Can someone please tell me why my comment button has vanished from every post that I've ever made? If any of you know why this has happened, please email me. You certainly can't tell me by leaving a comment.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

dude, check it out...

Turner Classics is showing Cool Hand Luke in full wide screen mode! Sweet arse!!!

Wow.'s Saturday night, or should I say Sunday morning, and here I am. I'm sitting at home. Having broadband internet and every cable channel known to man makes it really hard to leave the house and actually go socialize. Having no money makes the decision to stay home even easier. The way I see it, I'm saving money AND saving my liver at the same time (going out means drinking, there's no avoiding it).

Ok, so it's been a productive night of what? Let's see here. I've worked on my website most of the night except when I have to change the channel as I realized what was on TV wasn't what I had originally turned to that specific channel to watch. Don't you just hate it when you're watching The Sopranos and you look at the computer screen for like 2 seconds and all of the sudden you're watching some deaf stand up comedy jam or whatever? It's like yelling and making random noises is the funniest thing since smashing fruit on stage (hence the words "deaf" and "jam", and yes I know it's actually spelled "def" comedy jam, but I couldn't resist the reference). I don't get it, I never did, but I digress. I'm in a good mood, I promise. I'm only cynical when I'm happy. Go figure. Anyway, it's been a relaxing night. I was actually coaxed out of the house by an invitation to Tim's Pizza on the square earlier. Half of a veggie salad and half of a mini guru's delight pizza...mmmm! I also gave up the computer for a couple of hours to Natalie who actually needed it for work. Wow, what a concept! The computer can be used for work? I should try that sometime. Other than that, I've been sitting in front of this thing all night glancing at the TV every now and then as if I know what's going on in whatever show, entertaining the cat when he rubs up against my feet wanting attention, and listening to the crickets chirping incessantly outside. I'm just one big ball of excitement, huh?

Friday, July 25, 2003

There are now a couple of flash pages on my website. The opening index page and the title menu are flash. In the next week or so, I hope to get the majority of my site in some form of flash. It may not be the most detailed work I've ever done, but at least I'm learning. That's the whole point of my stupid site anyway, but just like everything else I do I'll probably keep pecking away at it until it's as close to perfect as I can get it. Maybe once I get a steady paycheck, I'll get myself one of them there fancy .com's. Until then, it's dragging ass behind That's ok. It needs a little more juice before it goes .com anyway.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I just finished making a dinky little Flash page for my website. It is basically a possible replacement for my front index page. I don't know if I'm going to use it yet or not. I went ahead and published it to my site through a link on the front page. It's not much, but I think it's a nice, clean, simple start to what my webpage could be in the future. If any of you have time, please check it out and let me know what you think. I'm working on a new title menu now. Hopefully I can make it clean and simple enough, but with a little extra flare via Flash.

In the old school world of graphics, I started a small prisma color work today. I just had an itch to pick up those damn things again. I don't know why. After all the pain those things caused me back in the fall of last year, you'd think I wouldn't want to even look at prisma colors (a few of you know what I'm talking about). I just can't get enough punishment I guess. It's like the self override function in the curiosity part of a cat's brain. My need to create sometimes takes over all other decision making abilities.

Monday, July 21, 2003

I'm back from my trip to Memphis, unfortunately. I wish I could have stayed longer...maybe could have caught a blues show or something, I don't know. Graceland was really cool though! With a little modern redecorating, I think I could handle living there just fine. It still had all of the old stuff like shag carpet and avacado fixtures and appliances. It was neat to see how they preserved it in the exact condition as it was when Elvis lived there. All his airplanes and cars were there also. He had really good taste in vehicles, I must say. Besides seeing all of his cool stuff, I actually learned quite a bit about the man himself. According to Mrs. Blair, my favorite Elvis Presley expert and an excellent night driver as well, Elvis had a thing for women in numbers. He would even have his wife do sexual acts with other women while he watched, but Mrs. Blair informed us that he never actually had sex with the other women, just dry-humped them. Thanks, Mrs. Blair! After the Graceland tour, we had dinner at the Elvis Restaurant on Beale Street. They have really good food and excellent service. If you are ever on Beale looking for a meal (padki) I highly recommend it.

I saw The Matrix, Reloaded at the drive in last night. Obviously a brilliant film. I saw it at the theater on opening day. That was good, but seeing a movie at the drive in is a totally different experience. There's just something about the environment there, the total quality of the experience to me is so much better than a movie theater. Even if the weather is bad, I still enjoy it. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm not a big fan of movie theaters anyway. I don't know why. I don't like ketchup either. Go figure.

Hmmm...what else is going on? Um, well...Oh, I totally forgot about this one! I locked myself out of my own house last night for the second time this week! My girlfriend and my roommate were there this time though. I didn't want to ring the door bell because my roommate was asleep. I couldn't knock because my girlfriend was upstairs and couldn't hear it. So what did I do? I walked down the hill to the driveway and threw pebbles at the upstairs window until I got her attention. Brilliant.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Ok, I'm off to Memphis. I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

There is a new front index page on my website now. It's nothing special, but it is definitely eye catching. The original image of the girl that I cut out was just a magazine photo of a certain celebrity. If I were to name the celebrity, I might be accused of having a slight'm not naming her. It matters not. The final product is what is important here, and I think it's actually pretty nice if I do say so myself. Actually, in case anyone doesn't check my website very often (which I assume nobody really does), I've changed it quite a bit lately. There are new page layouts, graphics, and some new content. No Flash yet. I'm still learning. I'll try to put some of my experiments on my site as soon as I get my shit together. Until then...just enjoy the simple tables in all their glory! Ha ha!

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

It is so freaking hot outside!!! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, "I HATE THE SUMMER!" Hate is such a strong word, and I normally try to control how I use it. In this situation, I think I really mean it. I got an estimate on the A/C in my truck. It's not too bad, so hopefully I'll have it working again soon.

Today I loaded 50 pieces of 2 x 4 x 10 pressure treated lumber into the back of my truck. If you ever want to see what a compact truck looks like without rear shocks, this is a good way to do it. I drove it all the way from the hardware store across town like that. I felt like I was driving a boat, since the front of the truck was pointing up so high! By the way, pressure treated lumber is not a healthy item. Did you know it has arsenic in it? I feel sorry for any termites that might try to take a bite out of that! Ah! If I were a termite I'd be getting revenge for that little prank. I'd be infecting Cracker Barrel straws with SARS or something. Asshole lumber industry!

Monday, July 14, 2003

I just changed my blog template to something a little less busy. I know it's boring as all hell, but I was tired of that annoying green and orange. It looked like I was going for some sort of army construction worker theme.

I think I'm going to go to Memphis this weekend. I've never toured Graceland before. I think it might be pretty cool. Elvis kicks some major ass, so I'm guessing his house does to. I'll probably hit up Beale Street and then maybe make my way down to the usual stop at Wizards. If you don't know what Wizards is, you probably don't want me to tell you. I don't exactly know how I'm going to pull off this trip financially. I barely have enough money to stay home right now, but oh well. I'll figure it out somehow. I need a better summer vacation than just going to my friend's wedding in Arkadelphia.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Friday night, I was witness to a great show at JR's. Comatoast and The Capsules played and took me for an emotional rollercoaster.

Comatoast is a great little band from Joplin with just the right amount of punk and an excellent sense of humor on stage. It was obvious that they hadn't played together for too long, but this didn't take away from the experience at all. It may have even added to it in fact. Each member of the band had their influence on every song, while at the same time each song had heavy influence from one individual, most likely the one who wrote it. They passed along control of songs back and forth through their entire set. When they ran out of songs at the end, they threw in a few punk tinged covers of anything from the Beatles to Jefferson Airplane. They even put their comical twist on a Sex Pistols song. I can't wait to hear more from these guys and see their progression as a band. They're doing good things in Joplin.

The Capsules are one big ball of talent. Just when you think that Jason and Julie Shields (from Shallow) putting a band together couldn't possibly be any better, they add the likes of Kevin Trevino (former Kickstand and now the Kansas City Symphony). After getting so worked up over Comatoast, I couldn't just go home. I needed something to bring me back down to earth, make me happy to be alive, and give me something to sing in the shower in the morning. The Capsules did all this for me and more. Julie's voice is SO soothing. Soothing like when I was a baby and my mom would rub my forehead to put me to sleep. Soothing like a full body massage. Soothing like a quick heroin fix. And just like heroin, the songs are so addictive. With hooks that leave you tapping your feet and singing along even after a song has ended. If you can catch a Capsules show anywhere, I highly recommend it.

Catch Dennison Whitmer and Jeff Hanson at JR's Lightbulb Club on July 23rd and Hint Hint and Magic Magicians on the 31st.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

It's been awhile. Sorry to those who actually read this sometimes. I try to limit myself on how much time I spend doing internet things. Lately I've been working on my website obsessively, so I have slightly disregarded my blog. I'm back now...alive and well. (Thanks for your concern, Lori)

Life is beginning to pick up the pace. The house that I'm building is well under construction now, and I am extremely excited about some of the detail work that I'm doing. Let me just say this right now before I change my mind: "architecture is the shiznit." I love creating, and I think architecture is one of the highest forms of creativity. I might even go out on a limb and say that I've had more fun this week than that God guy probably had in that one week in Genesis. I'm not really sure about that though, since I can't really ask him how it was. That might be an inappropriate question. Anyway, I've had lots of fun lately. Butcher block countertops, dude...I can now make some fairly badass ones.

Today is Wednesday (long live S. P. Night), which is normally when I post a little thing I like to call "The Nines". Well, frankly...I haven't the energy to do the real thing today. Here's what you'll have to settle for.

THE WATERED-DOWN NINES. (kiss my ass if you don't like it)

very few things about me...if anyone cares.

What I'm laughing at...
1. the guy in the construction zone that holds the sign that says "SLOW"
2. light fixtures that look like bird houses
3. Meatwad
4. the Chrysler Lebaron convertable, the Chevy Beretta, and the Dodge Stratus
5. Super Troopers
6. the creepy-ness of the ice cream man's van
7. the Education Station (pronounced like you have the braces with the head gear)
8. anything George W. says when trying to be profound
9. midgets (If you are a midget and are offended by this, I am truly sorry. I just can't seem to stop myself from laughing at you and neither can Posey or Eric.)

...and I'm spent.

Saturday, July 05, 2003

Ok, I'm back from my summer vacation. Boy, do those OBU kids know how to party their little Baptist butts off or what!?! I'm exhausted. Experiencing the full-on wedding thing was pretty tiring as well. I found myself daydreaming during the wedding of quicker, cheaper, more proficient ways of going about this whole marriage thing. Not that I plan on getting married anytime in the near future, but I think I'll go the Vegas drive-thru route. You know, with the Elvis impersonator maybe? It's much cheaper and less stressful than a traditional wedding. Plus, I would already be on my honeymoon in Vegas! It just makes more sense to me.

Yesterday was Independence Day, and I think I was as American as I could be. I'm not exactly super proud of that right now, but at the same time I'm not ashamed at all. I've spent some time amongst other cultures, lived their way, and appreciated them in several ways. The difference here, and I'll gladly admit, is that I was born and raised this way. No matter what happens, I still like living the American way, as dumb and lazy as it may be. And to celebrate this, I lit some things on fire and watched them explode in my yard. This is illegal in the city limits, but all of my neighbors were out blowing things up as well. God bless America.