Sunday, June 20, 2004

frass is the scientific name for insect poop...

We have a flea infestation. As soon as I get that Frontline stuff in the mail, I'm treating the cat, the house, the yard, and then doing it all over again in a week or so. I'm going to use some spray or powder to treat the house. Those little buggers are really annoying and they're starting to land on us occasionally. Ugh...I bet they're living in my bed too! Bleh! I've got to get rid of them before we move. I really don't want to take them with me to the new house. We also have a really bad brown recluse problem. I've found them everywhere. They're in the closets, in my clothes, on the couch, on the ceiling, in the bathtub, and my bed! The owner doesn't believe in pesticides, so she won't call any professionals to get rid of them. I haven't seen as many lately, but I know they're all hanging out in the attic right now since the temperature is a little lower. When it warms up, they start dropping out of the light fixtures and stuff trying to get to the cooler temperatures downstairs. I have to shake my clothes and shoes out every time I put them on. I found one a few weeks ago on my bath towel when I was getting out of the shower! Yikes!

On an even worse note, Arkansas lost today in the second round to Arizona (a much worthier opponent than Texas in my opinion). We pretty much got ran over by the Mack trucks that really deserved to be in Omaha this weekend. I really hated getting beat by those no-neck, skinhead Texans though. There's always next year, and I have a really good feeling about it. I don't think Coach Van Horn even expected to get to the regionals this year. Obviously the poll writers didn't either. They had us picked one spot up from last in the SEC (only above Kensucky) at the beginning of the season.

The only good Texan is a dead Texan.

Tuck Fexas. Go SEC.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

in the 1800's cats were used to deliver mail...

Last night I watched the Hogs get absolutely slaughtered by Texas in the first round of the College World Series. They play again in the loser's bracket on Sunday against Arizona. They better win that one so they can go on and beat Texas in the final game (assuming Texas wins their second game), or I think Natalie might seriously have a heart attack. I must say that Texas did play a good game, but it was mostly due to some intense pitching by J.P. Howell. That guy is definitely good at what he does. He's also really good at being a total cocky prick. He physically and verbally threatened other players and in general just had a really bad attitude, especially for having played such a good game. It was like he just didn't have much self control over his man feelings. His brain must be entirely made of testosterony penis meat.

My cat has got a few new friends of the flea persuasion and they're biting the crap out of him. He had one or two a few weeks ago, so I tried some over-the-counter "one-spot" type stuff that literally almost killed him. That stuff was so strong that it burned his skin, left a big bald spot on his back, and caused breathing problems. He was hiding in the closet and freaking out for a good two days. I finally had to wash it all off of him. Apparently, this is a fairly common reaction to that stuff. Everyone told me to get the prescription stuff called Frontline, so I finally ordered some on Hopefully this stuff will work. Those fleas are driving him crazy. I don't think he's ever had fleas, so he's not really sure what to do. He's just been kind of scratching a little and whining alot. I guess that's pretty typical for most cats though.

Eric is outside changing the spark plugs and wires on his truck. There's something about seeing the hood of a vehicle up and a toolbox laying next to it that triggers the same reaction in all male brains. I drove up to the house and jumped out of my car saying "Whoa...hey, dude. What's going on here? Need some help? I've got some tools." Guys can be very focused on a number of things, and fixing stuff is one of them (or at least just taking stuff apart).

Thursday, June 17, 2004

ketchup was once used as a medicine in the united states...

Wow. Ok, so it has been a long time since I wrote something with any content at all. If anyone is still reading this blog, hopefully this post will update you on what's going on in my life. It isn't very interesting, but you knew what you were getting into by visiting my blog in the first place.

I believe the last real information I gave was regarding the work on my house, so I'll start from there. We scraped, and scraped, and scraped, and then slowly quit scraping because our arms were about to fall off. There are still a few places on the house were you can see the old paint, but we figured by sanding it down in the rough places we could have a good enough surface to paint on. Just as we were getting ready to begin the painting process, the owner showed up and painted an entire side all by herself! Well, this was nice because that was one less side that we had to do ourselves. A few days later she shows up again and paints another big section and does all the trim around the roof! At this point, we honestly didn't know which part to work on. We couldn't tell which part she had sanded, which part she had washed, or whatever else she had done we basically quit. She's gone on vacation until the end of June, which is now when we plan to move.

Our friend Philip lives in a nice old house just south of campus and we're kicking him out and taking the house! Just kidding. He's moving out and we're moving in. It's a nice sized two bedroom-one bath with a big front porch, back deck overlooking the high school football field, finished attic space the length of the house, and a giant creepy basement. The house has wood floors and some nice calming colors on the walls. I think we're going to enjoy it. And just in case it gets too relaxing there, my friends Lincoln, Charlie, and Dale are going to use the basement as a practice area for their band (which I think they should call Crime Batrol). I believe we're working out a deal of monetary exchange for the use of the space, but I won't disclose any info on that since the contract is still pending. Either way, rock and roll will happen.

Also in the Volsequoyah* news, I bought a car! It's a 2000 (or '99 1/2 if you wanna be a dick about it) black Volkswagen Jetta, 5 speed manual transmission, and lots of fun little gadgets and luxuries inside. I needed something a bit more reliable than the old truck and also gas is getting expensive. The Jetta gets 25-30 mpg in town, and 30-35 mpg on the highway. Not too shabby if you ask me. Plus, it isn't very slow, and that's nice too. I'm enjoying it immensely.

My job is going great! I'm about to finish up the drawings for the Rogers library addition. This was a huge project that I've been working on since I started at the office back in November. I'm starting to really get the hang of this intern architect thing. I think I'll stick with it for a little while longer, like maybe 40-50 more years so I can at least get my feet wet. I'm doing some side projects for my boss also. They're just a few additions to existing homes, but's work (extra money).

Sunday night has become bowling night over the last few months. Eric is getting pretty serious about it. I'm talking bowling shoes, ball, and bag kind of serious. That's cool though. If I didn't suck so completely at the game, I'd invest in a decent ball and shoes myself. It's all about the fun though, and it is definitely that.

My friend Ye has a job in Vegas now and is living la vida loca. Actually, I'm just guessing. I haven't heard from the guy. That's how he's always been though, so I'm not too worried. The kids and I are planning a trip to visit him in September. I hope he's still alive by then.

So...I guess I've been informative with this post. I hope to be an even better blogger in the future. Thank you for your time.



Tuesday, June 15, 2004

in the 1985 Boise, Idaho mayoral election, there were four write-in votes for Mr. Potato Head...

I have got to get this blog going again! This is pathetic. I'm working on at least getting my comment button back on so everyone can complain about how I need to start posting again. I'm also working on reformatting this new layout. Nobody wants to see every single heading of my last few posts on the side bar.

[edit] - Booyah!!! The comment button is working again!

Sunday, June 13, 2004

your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks, otherwise it will digest itself.

Well, I was going to attempt to begin posting again, but I've screwed up my template. please be patient...