Thursday, October 28, 2004

is it wicked not to care...

There's too much pressure to write something here these days. Almost every week or so, while I'm telling a story to someone, they'll say something like, "oh, yea...I read about that on your blog." You what?!? Uh, pardon me, but you don't know I have a blog. You don't. I mean, you can't. I hardly ever mention my blog to anyone, yet somehow I have developed a shy handful who never comment, but lurk deep in the shadows of my eLife. Sure they may not check it every day, but at least once a week. I have a webcounter site that tracks my hits. There are too many hits for it to just be from the casual passerby. In a way, it puts a new exciting spin on blogging for me. Honestly though, it just makes me nervous as all hell. Okie dokie, I just had to get that out of the way.

For the last few weeks, I've been watching alot of baseball. Not in a healthy way either. In a crazy, obsessive kind of way. Last night was different though. I put aside baseball to watch the new episode of South Park. Sure I watched the first few innings, then flipped back again in the 9th inning, but it was a much healthier approach to it I think. I didn't miss a thing, even though it was the last game of the World Series. The Red Sox scored all their points in the first few innings, then shut the Cards down for the rest of the game. So the Red Sox finally won a World Series and many people are screaming "finally" and others are screaming...well, their mostly just calmly saying "whoopty frickin' doo". Now I can get back to doing things that don't involve the television. I'm not quite sure yet as to what that is exactly, but I'm sure it will be much better for me than the old boob tube.

I was honored with a phone call from Natalie tonight. We talked for a little while about how much she's ready to come home already, and how much I'm ready for her to come home. That's pretty much all we've been talking about lately. I remember being over there in Rome and getting pretty darn sick of the place after the first several months. What ruined it for me was going to the Netherlands on spring break and seeing how wonderfully efficient those people are. Then I spent the last part of my semester hating Italians. The culture makes no sense to me. I simply do not relate. *[I removed several sentences here because bad memories came to mind and caused me to rant on and on about the things in Italy that annoy me]*

I can't wait until November 10th. Pinback is coming to Fayetteville, and I will most definitely be there. I love those guys. They have been rocking my half hour commute for several weeks now in preparation for the show. They're one of those bands that make it nearly impossible to convince myself to remove any of their CD's from my CD changer. I especially enjoyed it the other day, when I was blasting Pinback at a stop light on the university campus next to a Tahoe full of frat boys and I overheard one of them saying "what the hell kind of gay-ass music is that dude listening to?" Hey, guys...just because they don't yell about bitches and ho's over stolen 80's back beats doesn't make them gay. Would you like it better if there was a turn table thrown in the mix, cutting up bad cock-rock guitar riffs? I bet you would.

If anyone gets a chance, I highly recommend checking out the newest issue of National Geographic. Mine came in the other day with a new world map, which they update every year I think, but the great thing was that there was a long exposure photo from space of the world at night on the back of the map. I think it was a collage of multiple long exposure photos that they merged together. It is absolutely amazing. You can learn so much just by staring at it for a few minutes. In it, you can obviously see lights of cities all over the world, but some of the more interesting things you can see are things like forest fires burning, natural gas burn off, and squid boats lighting the oceans. What you'll also learn from this is that I'm a big nerd.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

a giant douche versus a turd sandwich...

I love South Park, in case any of you don't already know that. I also
love Halloween. And what better way to celebrate my favorite holiday
than with my favorite TV show. Yes, tonight Eric and I carved
jack-o-lanterns of Eric, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny...the kids of South
Park, just in time for the new episodes to start tomorrow night. It
was alot of work, but we had a pretty good time doing it. We sat on
the front porch and watched the rain and listened to game 3 of the
World Series, all while sculpting our newest masterpieces. They're so
beautiful. It almost brings a tear to my eye.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

when you were born I was far from tennessee...

Sometime during my last semester of college, I had a dream that I got a job and I showed up on my first day without any clothes on. Nobody freaked out or anything, they just looked at me as if to say, "duh...didn't you know we wear clothes at this firm?" The ceilings above my desk were mirrored. When I looked up, all I saw was a naked baby in a pleather office chair.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

how i got here and why my pants are on backwards...

There's nothing to say that hasn't already been said. I have absolutely nothing interesting to say here. Even if I thought I did, would anyone else actually agree? I'm sure most of the things I write here aren't terribly interesting to anyone but myself, and rarely even that. I have thoughts and ideas that pop into my head occasionally, mostly when I'm in the shower or driving. I always think to myself, "You know, self...we should really share that one. Maybe put it on the blog or something." But as quickly as my interesting thoughts come, they vanish into the dusty attic that is the back of my head. And once they get back there, it seems they have a very difficult time getting back out. It must be one hell of a labyrinth in there. You see...I have this condition...nevermind. Hold on a second. I think one just escaped. I'll try to share it with you guys as quickly as possible.

I have a theory that I am a certain king reincarnated. Now, I know this may sound far fetched to you, but there are so many signs pointing to this that I absolutely can't ignore it. Elvis Aaron Presley supposedly died at Graceland on August 16, 1977. There is speculation however, that he did not die then. Some say he is still alive, which is highly unlikely given his addictions to food and drugs. There's a theory that at one point, late in his career as we know it, Elvis met an impersonator of himself. He decided that he no longer wanted in the spotlight anymore, and for that and other various reasons Elvis asked the impersonator if he would trade places with him. Of course the obsessed impersonator said yes, and so they switched lives. This idiot that took Elvis' place wasn't ready for the crazy life of the King of Rock and Roll, and he too got heavily addicted to pain killers, which in turn led to his eventual death on the toilet. While all of this is going on, the real Elvis was touring and doing shows impersonating himself (yea, pretty easy gig), but wasn't feeling the stress of being the real king. He had come to terms with himself though, and decided he wanted to switch places and get his old life back. At about this same time, he found out about the death of the impersonator and it crushed him. He knew he could never make a come-back now, and he certainly couldn't go near Memphis and see his family again. He decided to move as close to Memphis as he could stand, so he settled in Little Rock, Arkansas. He lived in Little Rock for well over a year doing impersonator gigs at weddings and conventions, and also working as a draftsmen at a small residential architecture firm (because, as many know, Elvis fell in love with the profession during some remodel and addition work on Graceland). Elvis had kicked his drug habit by this point, but his addiction to food was at an all-time high. He passed away from a heart attack alone in his one bedroom apartment on Baseline Road on the night of May 2, 1979. But the soul of a king never gives up quite that easily, and the very next day, at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock, Elvis' soul possessed the able body of a new-born baby boy named Christopher, so that he could have another chance to continue doing what he had discovered such a passion for...architecture.

I honestly can't remember when I first decided to become an architect. Maybe that's because I had actually made the decision in that previous life. Sure, I always recall that time in 3rd grade when I first laid eyes on some blueprints of a house and said, "that's what I want to do when I grow up." But I believe that was simply when my soul was stimulated by the desires of my previous life, when the cloudiness of my new youth was momentarily cleared away to recall my thoughts as grown man.

Images of Elvis have always brought a comforting feeling to me. When I visited Graceland recently, I felt strangely at home and very proud, as if I were actually showing off my home to the tour group I was with. The site of my supposed grave produced no feelings of sadness, weirdness or anything else. Perhaps it was because I knew it wasn't really where my old body lies, that it was merely another guy that I had traded places with, but hardly knew.

So there you have it people...a quick trip inside of the mind of one strange kid. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you will still talk to me now.

ps - I've posted some photos of the bike festival below.
Bikes, Blues, and BBQ. Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Bikes, Blues, and BBQ. Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Bikes, Blues, and BBQ. Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Monday, October 11, 2004

i didn't move to the city, the city moved to me and i want out desperately...

It is freaking cold here! I'm not even joking around people. We had to turn the heat on at work today. I had to battle the spiders in the basement when I got home, just so I could dig out some winter clothes. I don't think the temperature is all that low, it's just that the sun hasn't been out for days and it's been raining alot. I pulled out my old Brooklyn hoodie and tossed it in the dryer to kill two birds with one stone: make it all warm and cozy for when I put it on, and get rid of the musty basement smell. Ah, yes. I can feel winter just around the corner. Oh, how I love the winter. I'm more productive in the winter, and if you're around me you'll see a smiling face more often. I don't usually talk about this to just anyone, but I seem to have what's known as Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder. It means I get depressed in the summers, but I'm perfectly fine in the winter. Doctors are still trying to figure it all out. See, the normal version of Seasonal Affective Disorder is caused by a lack of sunshine in the winter, but in the reverse type that doesn't make any sense. It's like the body over produces chemicals caused by the sun, reversing their effects(?). But there are many other speculations as to why it happens. Yea, it's weird.

I saw a sneak preview of Team America: World Police on Saturday. It's the new Trey Parker and Matt Stone movie (creators of brilliant comedies such as South Park, Baseket Ball, and case you didn't know). I think I can safely say that it is already in my top ten favorite movies of all time. I laughed so hard all the way through it I think I sharted a few times! Man, oh man...that movie is a riot! If you can sit through a South Park episode without saying things like "oh my gosh, this is so offensive" or "this is disgusting, who watches this", then you'll surely enjoy Team America. Volsequoyah* says - "Two middle fingers film of the second week in October!"

Saturday, October 09, 2004

play that song again and go to hell when you die...

And here comes the cliche blog line: It's been a long time since my last post, but I'm back.

Ok, that said, on to the actual good stuff. I realize I left my readers hanging with only a slight taste of the Vegas trip without actually giving them the goods. I have now posted several photos of the trip that I personally enjoy. I had an obvious obsession with framing things out of context while I was there. I apologize to anyone who likes post cards.

Hmmm...what's been going on in the world of Volsequoyah* these days? Well, just the usual eat, sleep, go to work thing mostly. It's college football season, so those who know me well know that Saturdays are reserved for that specific event right now. Also, it's a heated political season. I've been keeping a close watch on that stuff too. I made a promise to myself that I would not discuss politics on this blog, and I plan on keeping that promise. I'll just leave it at that. You want my opinion on the presidential race? Wanna know which way I swing, as they say? Just direct any questions to the cute little donkey link on my side bar. Anyway, so yea...I've been staying busy lately with work, hanging out with friends, and my usual obsessive compulsive behaviors. Nothing too stressful or exciting has happened really. I'm actually hoping it stays that way too. Mentally, I don't think I can handle much excitement these days.

The most excitement that has happened lately was the 4th annual Bikes, Blues, and BBQ festival/rally/temporary population explosion in Fayetteville. Don't let the "4th annual" thing fool you into thinking this is a small event. It WAS a small event 2 years ago. But as motorcycle rallies tend to do, it has quickly exploded into a feverish biker frenzy in our quiet little mountain town. So many people here truly despise the event. It clogs up traffic, screws up parking, and don't get them started about the noise problem. I personally enjoy the heck out of it. It's only one week a year, and the millions of dollars that get funneled into Fayetteville in that week is just simply insane. I think it's a good thing for the city, but I do think that if it continues to grow at the rate that it has every year, the city needs to do alot more planning before the place turns into another Sturgis. I took tons of photos this year, so I'll try to post a few of those later.

Ok, I think that about wraps it up for now. My head is a little cloudy today for some reason, and so I'm having MAJOR difficulties with spelling and grammar. I'll check back in later.
Photo courtesy of SproomVision.
Photo courtesy of SproomVision.
Photo courtesy of SproomVision.