Friday, April 29, 2005


Holy mother of Schiavo, it has been a long time since I updated this thing. I don't even know where to start. Oh, wait. Yes I do.

Begin spew! (events taken from my new daily journal)

I thought I had a hairline fracture in my wrist from bowling or something, but it turned out I was just a pansy. I slept through my alarm a few weeks ago and ended up being almost two hours late for work and nobody cared. I tried to grow my hair out a little longer, but that only lasted about a month. Bloody neck hair. I drove my old truck through several tanks of gas this month. My car was in the shop because it is a "low-rider" and apparently things like busted oil pans just seem to happen to pimped-out cars such as mine. I blamed it on poor road conditions. I have yet to receive my claim form from the city. I was lucky enough to have a Brown Recluse jump into my lap while I was driving my truck on the interstate. There was a bit of swerving involved, but no one was injured. I drove Natalie's Jeep after that incident. I saw David Sedaris at Walton Arts Center. After his show, I got to meet him and he signed my book "I wish you were MY architect." Fag. I love that guy. I realized earlier this week that I need to stop hitting the snooze button for an hour each morning and just get up instead. So far I'm still doing it, but I'm so close to stopping. So close. On Wednesday, April 13th, I ate tuna sandwiches and guacamole for dinner. This is the first time in the history of human existence that those two foods have been combined for a single meal. I worked on a lot of boring code research at work. Code books piss me off. Going to work to find out I have to do code research is like taking a drink of something you thought was your favorite soda only to discover it was in fact a refreshing glass of loose stool. Speaking of poo, my friend Kim had a birthday and we threw her a party. Some funny stuff happened at the end of the night, but if I go any further on this topic, she might not be my friend much longer. I made her a CD to play during her birthday party. It was titled "Butt Rock and Mulletude 101: 101 Songs To Make You Rock Out With Your Cock Out". I spent days working on it, and it was so worth it. No one can resist Twisted Sister. Many of you already know of my hatred of birds. Recently however, I decided that baby ducks are alright. I had a dream a few nights ago that Natalie and I moved into an apartment that I use to live in like four years ago. It was freakin' sweet. The swimming pool that was once filled with dirt was back and in full effect. There were hot tubs and waterfalls connecting to it. And also, my neighbors didn't suck this time. The funniest thing about all of this was that we just moved our stuff into the apartment without asking. It could have been rented out already, but we didn't seem to care too much. We just took a chance that they would hand us a lease once we were moved in. Dreams are fun.

End spew!

As a side note to all of this randomness, I'm taking my first business trip this weekend. Even though it is only to the exotic city of Hot Springs, Arkansas, I'm still excited to spend someone else's money on what is basically just a trip to my mom's house. I'm going down there to verify existing conditions on a tenant finish-out project we're doing for an investment firm. On my way back, I might just blow through Little Rock to see a Travs game or something and maybe see how tha brotha's is doin' back in tha old B-World hood, yo. Peace.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

and in a cloud of disappointing bliss...

I can't keep up with this blog thing these days. I don't know what it is lately. Maybe it has to do with my new spring strategy of staying off the computer as much as possible. I've been doing this so that I'll do other, more physical things with my free time instead. I guess this strategy doesn't work well for someone trying to maintain an up-to-date blog. I wonder how many calories 5 minutes of blogging will burn?

Friday, April 08, 2005

freedom fuel...

I think it's time for the weekly update.

The top news story around here is that I cracked a hole in the oil pan
on my Jetta. Never fear, the local Euro-car mechanic is on the case.
He should have it replaced by this afternoon, just in time for a
lovely weekend of driving. I plan on burning several gallons of
gasoline when I get it back, which is now on the endangered liquid
list. Fun fuel isn't free. No, there's a hefty fee to be certain.
Or is it freedom that isn't free? Freedom, fuel...same thing.

This Monday I'm going to the WAC to see my favorite writer, David Sedaris. I've read almost everything he has ever written, but right now I'm in a mad rush to finish ALL of it over the weekend. I am by far not the reading type, so this is a really big deal for me. This is also most likely the reason why I haven't posted anything to this blog in a week. I can only command a few extracurricular activities at a time, and if reading a book is one of them, count me out of everything else.

Speaking of extracurricular activities, Eric and I went to the driving
range last weekend. I learned that I need practice and that I also
need more physical activity in general. I woke up sore the next day
like someone had kicked me in the ribs repeatedly. It reminded me of
an email conversation I had with my friend Posey about an imaginary
gay bar in Las Vegas called The Driving Range. I guess you can
probably wake up feeling sore the next day after going there too if
you aren't careful.

Besides reading a book, driving my car, and the usual Wang Chung this weekend, I'll be watching lots of baseball again. The Hogs take on Vanderbilt in a three game series. I can't get enough of it. It's in the blood. Laugh it up, go ahead. They sure did on the new episode of South Park last night. It was a really funny episode about how the children hated playing baseball so much that they tried to lose all of their games just so they wouldn't have to keep playing in the tournaments. Stan's dad was one of those violent dads that cursed and fought opposing team dads. Ah, the memories. I don't ever remember not wanting to play baseball though. I was very serious about it until I got older and started playing with people that were even more serious than I was. But I still love the game.

The basement flooded Tuesday night. I was trying to do laundry at the
time. The washing machine is in the basement. The water wouldn't
drain out of the washer because of the flooding so I forced it out and
manually carried buckets of water out the back door. I had to do it.
I REALLY needed to do laundry. I was on the last pair, know what I

Highlight of the week: I fixed my flashlight last night.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

hey, kids...

Rock with the Aqueduct tonight on NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly. And yes, Carson Daly is in fact a massive tool.